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Vwinbaby for December – The Christmas baby Kayler


  Hi , all the players in Vwin, this is Kayler, the very Vwinbaby at the end of 2017. As the Xmas baby, I’ve got so many Christmas gifts for you guys~

I came from Beijing, and work as a model in Taipei. Something was missing on every Christmas I spent in Taipei, that is, snow. The Charismas night ought to be like, outside is snowy and windy, the streets and rooftops are full of loads of snow, but the house is warm and cozy, I could play games and drink hot milk in my fluffy bed.

Travelling all the way to Taipei from Beijing is because I really wanna to be independent and have my own space to live my life the way I want. Actually leaving your hometown and want to join into a totally different city is not that easy. Taipei is way too far from Beijing, everything from eating habits to culture is different. But see, I made it. I have a job here and I made best friends too.in fact at the very beginning of my life in Taipei, I did have a rough time. It was very lonely, but soon after I met Vwin. That’s why I rushed to the selection and got enrolled. During the selection I felt the actual strength of Vwin as the best gaming company in Asia. The whole selection was interesting and full of all the beauties in Taiwan! I was super happy when I knew that I was one of the monthly Vwin babies, cuz for me, Vwin is not just a company but a pal.

I cannot figure out how to play Sports and i-Sports games, so usually I play slots and jackpots, very easy to play and fun as well. Every time I see the coins spray out of the machine I feel relaxed. I once won 30 thousand on slots. At that time I didn’t have much work to do, this 30 thousand really help me out to make me enable to buy all the stuff I want even I was poor. And this time the shooting itself was a big breakthrough for myself, cuz the clothes I wear was cute but what I had to show was sexy and naughty. That was hard but, you wanna see the results? Then don't forget to check my private pictures on Vwinbaby.com.

This is the last month of 2017,let Kayler be with you to play games happily and gain real big money. I wish everybody merry Christmas and everything goes well.